Friday, December 30, 2011

Lets Get Popin Cookin!

I have come across something absolutely amazing. It is so fun!

It's called POPIN' COOKIN'

It is this incredible candy kit from Japan. You can make your own candy in the form of various food items such as: sushi, pizza, ramen, donuts, etc. I asked my bf for it for X-mas and he got it for me, yay. I got the sushi and donut versions.

Donut Kit

Sushi Kit

The instructions on the box are all in Japanese, but this wasn't a problem at all. The packets in each kit are color-coded and there are instructional pictures with the directions. So it is pretty easy to follow. There are also numerous videos on YouTube in case you want to see someone else making it.

Here's the making of the sushi kit:

Such cute packaging inside the box too

This is everything that comes in the kit

I made the rice on the right and you can see the egg and tuna for the sushi on the left.
You just mix the different powders with water and let it sit in the molds, super easy

I am making the ikura or salmon roe. It is so cool how it looks just like the real thing.
You just have to use a dropper and take the dissolved orange stuff (bottom left) and drop it in the top left container where I already dissolved some magical clear powder and then you have ikura, so cool.

This is my finished Sushi candies. Pretty good yeah.

You can see that it really does look like the picture on the box.

It also comes with candy soy sauce for the sushi, wow.

The sushi smells like Japanese grape candy and tastes like it too. But the texture is kinda gelatinous and weird. The ikura by itself tastes the best. It is so easy to make though and so nice looking that I didn't want to eat my creation.

Here's the making of the donut kit:

Super cute packaging for the donuts too

Everything that comes in the kit

You can see I already mixed the regular donut dough and separated it.
Now I am making the chocolate donut dough.

The molded donuts and the strawberry and vanilla icing.
Molding the donuts is kinda tricky as the dough doesn't stick together as well as I would like. I also had to whack the molds to get the donuts unstuck (sorry I forgot to take a picture of the molding process, too excited)

You can see I started applying icing to some of the donuts.
I just mixed the chocolate icing and am preparing it for the piping bag. 

The filled piping bag, ready to decorate donuts!

My fully decorated donuts with icings, sprinkles, and cookie crumbles.

Looks like the box picture to me

I thought the donut Popin Cookin was more difficult to make than the sushi one. It also took me longer to decorate each donut, but I think this kit was more fun. The donuts also smell like real dough, very tempting. The icing smells so good and tastes like real icing too. These donuts actually taste pretty good too, much better than the sushi ones. The texture is doughy and tastes like cake batter, not too bad.

I would definitely recommend Popin Cookin. It is so fun! They may not always taste so good, but the fun is in making candy that looks like real food. You can impress your friends and family or even one of your crushes. I would be super amazed if someone made this for me.

Obviously the easiest place to get Popin Cookin would be in Japan. All the ones I have seen are made by the company Kracie. You can order the kits from various websites but I think ebay sellers will be able to ship to most global locations. The kits are around $8-9 plus shipping, but it is definitely worth it. (I have also heard that you can find Popin Cookin in Hawaii in various Japanese stores like Marukai or Nijiya, but not sure)


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