Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pearl Delights

Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange
In the food court on the 2nd floor
4725 Bouganville Dr.
Pearl City, HI 96818

Bubble tea for imagination and creativity

I ordered: taro coconut bubble tea

  • Taste: the best taro coconut smoothie I have ever had
  • Bubbles: always superb and so many great flavors
  • Price: $5.00 for a smoothie, + 0.30 per pearl/crystal

Everything comes in one size, a massive 24 oz.
Pearl Delights specializes in a wide variety of smoothies and bubbles teas. From blue Hawaii to avocado coconut, you can get pretty much anything. Most drinks are ice blended and made with real fruit. They actually use real taro pieces in their taro coconut smoothie. This is why they have the best one I've ever had. They also have the largest variety of bubbles and crystals that you can add to your drink. There are the standard tapioca balls, but also multi-flavored bursting boba. This variety is chewy on the outside with flavored juice on the inside, so cool (Flavors: strawberry, yogurt, li hing mui, etc.). I have never seen this at any other bubble tea store. They also have a wide selection of fiber crystals which are softy jelly-like things, very delicious (Flavors: almond, coconut, kiwi, Kona coffee, etc.).
So you can make pretty much any combination you want. Everything is always delicious.

The location is kinda strange. It is in the food court of the naval exchange. You don't need a military ID to eat at the food court but you do need one to go shopping. So you wouldn't be there unless you were in the military, were related to or knew someone in the military. You would have to either live in the area or be a die-hard bubble tea fan to go there just to get bubble tea. It is also kinda expensive. The standard smoothie will run $5.00, but if you want to add bubbles or crystals, which you will, it is an extra 0.30 for each type. Their prices used to be more affordable with the smoothie and 3 bubble/crystal choices at $5. However, I find that one drink is a meal for me and that its quality is worth the price. Getting bubble tea every once in a while from here is worth the splurge.

I recommend:
 If you have never tried taro coconut with real taro, you must try it from Pearl Delights. It is simply the best. I get it almost every time I go. Their matcha green tea is also really good. So is their mango and papaya varieties.

4 out of 5 Bubbles

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