Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Kitchen Time

While at Nijiya market on University Ave in Honolulu, I found the Decorate your Cake Happy Kitchen set.  Happy Kitchen is just like Popin' Cookin', but it has a different name.
The box

The bag inside

The contents of the bag
I already cut up the white plastic piece to get the water measure and molds.

Mixing the cake batter

The cakes after they were cooked in the microwave

Mixing up the jelly candy decorations and putting them in the molds

I stacked the cakes and mixed the white frosting

The iced cake

I mixed the pink icing and put it in the piping bag
I've iced the cake, now I need to take out the candies

I placed the candies

Continue decorating 

The finished product 
 Looks pretty close to the box picture 

Time to enjoy!
I had fun making my cake. The kit cost about $5.00 at Nijiya, I think it was worth it. It tasted pretty good too. The cake was like a light sponge cake, not too sweet.

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