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Smorgasburg is a fabulous food festival just a short subway ride from Manhattan, along the East River waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This is held every Saturday from 11am-6pm.

There is a huge selection of local vendors selling delicious creations inspired by cuisine from around the world. You will not be able to try everything there, so I recommend bringing a few friends.

All the Smorgasburg tents

View from East River Waterfront

Here are just a few things I sampled with some friends.

First off, I did my homework and I found out that the bubble tea place ThirsTea would have a booth there. I've heard good things about their store location in the East Village, so this was the next best thing.

The Menu
Honey Lavender Boba - Large $5
They have only a few options and I think their prices may be a bit higher than at their store.

I tried the honey lavender bubble tea.

  • Taste: very strong herbal lavender flavor sweetened with honey, too intense for my taste
  • Boba: a bit too soft, they were all stuck together
  • Price: $5 for a large is very pricey for just simple tea with no milk and a scant amount of boba

The lavender flavor was so strong it was kinda medicinal almost the intensity of lavender in a soap or something. Also there were very few boba for the amount of drink. It was hard to eat them too because they were kinda stuck together and didn't come up the straw easily. I hope that ThrisTea's bubble tea is actually better at their store location. Maybe my experience is effected by the limitations of making bubble tea in a tent. I would probably only give them 3 out of 5 bubbles.

Takumi Taco

These Japanese inspired tacos were delicious. 
Spicy Tuna Taco $6

We tried the spicy tuna for $6. It was a small taco but it was stuffed with fresh chunks of raw tuna in a creamy spicy sauce. If you've ever had spicy ahi poke then this was pretty much like that in a taco shell. 

It is a great concept and I would definitely go back to try more of their taco flavors.

Lumpia Shack

Growing up in Hawaii, I am no stranger to lumpia, a Filipino spring roll of sorts. The Lumpia Shack creates lumpia filled with delicious meats such as Peking duck and sucking pig. They add various sauces and toppings to the lumpia. We tried both these types and they were so good. I could have easily eaten a dozen. Most of their lumpia was around $6 for 6 pieces.

Suckling Pig Lumpia

We Rub You
Yummy Korean-American fusion specializing in Korean BBQ meats. We tried the beef bulgogi sandwich, that has delicious meat, kimchi, and cucumbers.

Bulgogi Sandwich $7

Nadia's Moroccan Kitchen

I really wanted to try their lamb meatballs but they sold out, so I guess you have to come very early for those. I got the lamb merguez sausage sandwich instead. It was so good and you got a lot for $8.

Merguez Sandwich $8


All their sweet options
 Literally the best doughnut of my life. I tried Dough's passion fruit glazed doughnut topped with cocoa nibs. It was amazing. The dough was very light and delicious but the best part was the glaze that had an incredible amount of passion fruit flavor. It was just like the fresh fruit. The doughnut was also huge, easily the size of two regular doughnuts. I can't wait to try more of their flavors.
Passion Fruit Doughnut $2.50

I highly recommend going to Smorgasburg for a more unique taste of the city.
Bring cash, water, friends and sunglasses.

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