Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Madison Square Eats

On the west side of Madison Square Park on Worth Square, Madison Square Eats (MSE) is a fabulous outdoor food fair. With booths from several of NYC's popular food establishments including Momofuku Milk Bar, Eataly, and Asiadog. Their website has the full list of vendors. I went with my boyfriend to increase the number of things we could try. So much of this post includes his opinions as well.

  • MSE Website
  • MSE is held from 11am-9pm everyday through June 1st.

Arancini Bros (Arancini: fried risotto balls $4)

  • Carbonara Arancini: pancetta, carbonara sauce, and black pepper
    • Crispy exterior with a creamy dense inside
    • It was a bit salty but still delicious
    • The bf said there wasn't enough pancetta
    • I would definitely get one again to try another flavor

ASIADOG (1 hot dog $4.50, 2 hot dogs for $8)

  • VINH: Vietnamese banh-mi style: aioli + pate + cucumbers + pickled carrot and daikon + cilantro + jalapeno
    • The bf got these dogs, I just had a bite
    • He thought the carrot and daikon was a refreshing compliment to the savory dog
    • Although he said he couldn't taste much of the other toppings, it was overall delicious

  • WANGDING: Chinese BBQ pork belly + onions
    • An equally delicious hot dog with a sweet and savory taste
    • The pork belly was very tender with a smooth and tangy hoisin-like BBQ sauce
    • Bf: pork on beef is delicious all the time

Roberta's Pizza & Asiadog

Roberta's Pizza (pizzas $8-9)

  • Bee Sting Pizza $9: mozzarella, soppressata, chili oil, honey
    • They use a real pizza oven so it has that great charred taste
    • The crust was thin, crisp, and delicious
    • Honey on a pizza may sound weird but it goes well with the chili and salty soppressata, yum

Roberta's portable pizza oven

The Cannibal Beer and Butcher (local beers and meat dishes at varying price)

  • Pig's head Cuban sandwich $10
    • Another of the bf's picks
    • A traditional Cuban with chopped pieces of delicious meat from the head
    • There are yummy little cartilaginous bits of goodness
    • The bread was great with the perfect crunch
    • This Cuban was also fairly large and can easily be shared

The Cannibal Cuban

Hong Kong Street Cart (buns, dimsum, and other Asian snacks at varying prices)

  • pork bun $4: pork belly, cucumber, green onion, hoisin
    • My bf loves Momofuku's pork buns so he used this as his base of comparison
    • In general, it wasn't as good as Momofuku's because the pork was less tender and juicy
    • It didn't melt in your mouth the way Momofuku's does
    • Kinda expensive for the one bun you get

  • Snowflower Ice $6
  • Very similar to Shave Ice but the ice has some flavor already in it. Also when it is shaved it looks very different from ice shavings, more ribbony.
    • I chose the milk ice with passion fruit syrup, azuki beans, and mochi balls.
    • This was more icy and less creamy than others I have had before in Hawaii
    • It was still quite delicious and perfect for the warm day
    • You get a lot for your money, you definitely want to share this

Snowflower Ice

To sum up, you'll find great food at MSE. If you're in the city I suggest checking it out. Be sure to bring plenty of cash, a friend, and your eating pants. You can easily spend $20 per person, but you will be stuffed. 

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