Saturday, April 21, 2012

YOYO Bubble Tea
1812 2nd avenue
(b/t 94th & 93rd St.)
New York, NY 10128

This brand new spot may not have the best bubble tea, but it is not the worst.

What I ordered: taro milk green tea

  • Taste: not too sweet, light taro flavor that doesn't mask the nice jasmine green tea taste
  • Boba: nice texture and chewiness, but with a rather plain taste
  • Price: $3.50 for Med, $3.99 for Large plus tax

Newly opened last weekend, this is easily the closest bubble tea to my apartment. The second avenue construction makes it nearly impossible to get to, but I am glad I have a bubble tea option closer to me. When I first stepped in to YoYo it was very hot inside and smelled like Chinese take-out, to be honest I wasn't expecting much. Especially since there are barely any bubble tea places within 50 blocks. YoYo doesn't have much competition in the area to make it better. I was surprised that the bubble tea was not terrible.

They have a weird menu where only certain flavors are listed under certain teas. However, I imagine you can get any flavor with any tea if you like. They use powders and syrups for their flavoring. I think they also use powder creamer for their milk-based bubble teas. The bubble tea  I got had a sort of film from powder that wasn't fully dissolved, as you can see in the photo. But this didn't inhibit the flavor, which was actually quite nice. I loved that I could actually taste the green tea. The boba was of a good consistency but they didn't have any flavor or sweetness which I like.

YoYo also has a variety of dumpling and Chinese take-out foods. It is fairly average though and doesn't standout from better shops in other NYC neighborhoods, such as Chinatown. YoYo definitely has room for improvement if it wants to be one of the best.

3 out of 5 Bubbles

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